Halo around you glows

Someone special

My spirit knows

Like a crown of light

My eyes delight

Visitation my Hope

Our hearts join

Years of time

And I find new

Something true

Each time I hear you

Hope never disappoints

Hope waits and says yes

When patience finally calls

True gift and friend of mine

Visitation – who are those we cherish most? They are the ones that there is an energy exchange. In the spectrum of light we would need special glasses to see this energy signature, and maybe there isn’t a known lens to have this happen, but we all know it is there.

Proof…indisputable, watch, listen, and the next time someone smiles at you, what happens to you, your body posture, heart rate, even blushing. Things happen, you can talk the science from different angles, but the bottom line is, energy is exchanged. Within this energy field are all kinds of signatures, but the highest frequency is love. This is where Hope has the most possibilities to be realized. Beautiful Hope…believe Hope

The presence of this energy is so strong and yet at time subtle, that words are not necessary for the connectivity to be real. We wear this field of light like a crown, like royalty we go to greet and exchange the light. Believe Hope.