There is a Spirit of Things

Horse Sculpture

There is a spirit of things…when we move beyond and transform, it is like we move between worlds. What do I mean? First, I’m starting with something rigid, steel. What comes to mind when I say I welded and built something from steel? Strong, un-moveable, “man of steel – Superman”. In this equestrian sculpture the strong becomes fluid, graceful, and ethereal. You forget for a few precious moments that it steel rod, because you’ve been transported, (one of the missions of true art). A dream horse everyone can ride appear and has been drawn into life. Where would you ride to, who would you invite to gallop or fly away with?

I made one of these style horses for President Raegan years ago. He knew how to dream, how to ride.
My first sculpture made in this style was headed in a completely different direction and then it snowed and my almost completed art work was outside my studio and it was covered in that magical highlight of white. I looked at it all redefined and had an aha moment. It is important in life when we get these kinds of taps on the shoulder that we respond – I don’t every time, but this time I did.