Light from Light

Light from Light, Painting by Tomas J Fernandez

Light from light is explosive and unpredictable. When genuineness is exchanged electric things happen. Emotions are like these colors, colliding, merging, contrasting, making a path of real dialog, heartfelt treasures that can be put in the vaults of our beings as interest bearing tender.

Quite wonderfully it is not limited to exchanges with just other people, animals domesticated or wild, plants, landscapes, books, music, art, mathematics, the list goes on, each can give something valuable. We can go on learning, appreciating, and dreaming in these altered states of communication. In here, these places, is where Hope is waiting for discovery.

Hope that transforms our lives and helps us find meaning and value for our gift of life. Hope should not be so much attached to acquiring what we don’t have, but more the anticipation of discovery of a new revelation about what we thought we knew, that suddenly surprises us with much more. I hope I see something wonderful in the park today. I hope I hear something brand new today.

We need to prime the pump for water to flow, that means, we need to take a walk today, we need to turn on a source of music or really listen to the sounds outside and be still and wait for Hope to deliver, it will. Believe Hope.