Dream Alive

Dawn's Dance - mixed media on board 11" x 14" by Tomas J Fernandez

Dream Alive

What is the moment(s) when a dream comes true? Let’s exercise the gray cells and think back to when something good as happened – can you? The cycle of negativity maybe stopping this, which is negative, but how can we shift, because good is manifesting all around, right now. Hope is the answer, believing that there is a plan and that good is in the air, and dreaming cracks open that cell door that has trapped all of us at one time or another. Believe Hope!

Dream Alive

Shush, quiet down down

A dream is forming

Believing and watching

Listening very still

Blues give way

And gold starts its shine

Beautiful clouds

Storms give way

Light breaks through

Vision beautiful

Sound sweet

Joy in anticipation

Miss it today

Back tomorrow

Touch this love

Connect again

Always waiting

Loving kindly

Reaching to serve

And a hand to hold