Crux Gloria

Tomas J Fernandez sculpture Crux Gloria

Crux Gloria – Glorious Cross as featured for the publication “Church Teachers” September – October 1993.

This nationally circulated magazine added to the excitement that the cross attracted to itself. The article, “Making Space For Faith” by Doug Adams featured two of my works, “Crux Gloria”, “Heaven and Earth”, and another sculpture by Stephen Staebler, “Archangel”.
Twenty-three years later I’m re-reading the article the Professor Adams wrote and my own quotes, along with De Staebler’s thoughtful contributions, and one of the things I am impacted by is the power and transcendence of anointed, in my humble opinion, art. I am not just talking about what I’ve created, but also my fellow contributors. In particular Adams. Thoughtful and provocative remarks like, “Making Space for faith and sharing faith require being open to the unknown rather than clinging to what is already known.” And the scripture reference, (Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen”. These are as timeless and inspiring today as they were in 1993.

I have often referred to the great capital “M” of God, “M” being mystery. Ours is such an unfathomable journey, a pilgrimage we are all on. Sharing the Faith as we are charged, by God, to do can seem awkward, but approaching it from the perspective of sharing the “Mysteries” of our lives and helping each other connect the dots with the life line of God’s Love is in itself empowering revelation. Wouldn’t it add strength to out testimonies of our inadequacies are being filled in by God’s grace – His/our second chances – those we don’t deserve but He sends our way. Our sharing brings the light of Hope into uncertainty and reinforces God is with us. This comforting hope is the catalyst to see and share how God’s workmanship is being orchestrated in our lives. Perceiving our empty spaces as ones God fills in.

“Crux Gloria” has ministered to me countless times over the years since I cut the figure out of the heroic scale cross. Even now as I am writing God’s is impressing on me how the figure to which we are conformed to through life’s journey only allows only ourselves to pass through to “the other side”. None of our accomplishments or things we’ve collected get to come with us. We are made worthy by the sacrifice of Jesus on that cross.

It is cause for celebration to know that there is a God who loves us so profoundly that this “way” has been made for us. And as the sculpture, “Heaven and Earth” is fashioned into a gesture of this worship and celebration the revelation of our transparency and nakedness is only contrasted even more to the mercy offered by our Creator. Halleluiah!