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Crux Gloria

Tomas J Fernandez sculpture Crux Gloria Crux Gloria – Glorious Cross as featured for the publication “Church Teachers” September – October 1993. This nationally circulated magazine added to the excitement […]


Arrival Pacing, waiting, looking When, forever, at last Wanting something so bad Check again, keep looking, Hearing arrival We share that excitement Its coming Its coming Your hope or a […]

Above Hope

Above Hope Looking up where Hope lives Where clouds are birthed And wind begins Somewhere blue begins And crimson shines That is where Hope lives I look up – where […]


Visitation Halo around you glows Someone special My spirit knows Like a crown of light My eyes delight Visitation my Hope Our hearts join Years of time And I find […]

Light from Light

Light from light is explosive and unpredictable. When genuineness is exchanged electric things happen. Emotions are like these colors, colliding, merging, contrasting, making a path of real dialog, heartfelt treasures […]