Above Hope

Above Hope - Painting by Tomas J Fernandez

Above Hope

Looking up where Hope lives

Where clouds are birthed

And wind begins

Somewhere blue begins

And crimson shines

That is where Hope lives

I look up – where do you look

Feeling the wind that cannot be seen

Is like Hoping when you cannot see

Surround me now blue of forever

Sunrise rays light the way

Hope is there forming like clouds birthing

Staring up at clouds watching them take new shapes may be a lost art that needs to be revived. It is not high speed, but unexpected things can form. Our imaginations engage and right before our eyes images are revealed. Hope is something like this, if we look and sit still enough things can take shape – things we would like to see take shape. Believing is important, it is a kind of faith that confirms itself like invisible wind that be felt. Believe Hope.