Painter, Artist and Sculptor | Tomás J. Fernández

Tomás J. Fernández is an American visual artist, painter and metal sculptor based in central Virginia.

His work encompasses abstract painting, sculpting, blacksmithing, multi media, stain glass, monumental art pieces, and many varying artistic mediums. Tomas Fernandez has lectured across the US, been featured in books, newspapers, magazines, and television for his art. As an abstract painter, he shapes the canvas with vibrant colors and textures that reveals his abilities as painter and sculptor. His kinetic metal sculptures respond to a gentle touch or warm breeze and his unique wildlife art captures the fluidity of nature. Tomas’s inspirational art has touched hundreds of lives and continues to do so through his monumental sculptures for the Winchester Regional Airport, Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Catholic Church and many others. His custom metal sculptures have filled collections from the Presidential Library to private collectors and businesses.

Tomas Fernandez was featured on national television in a feature-length program of Capital Edition’s, “Metallic Nature,” a program that was nominated for an Emmy award. He worked with the Special Olympics and the Soel Olympic Park, as well as the International Congress of Philanthropy in Toronto, Canada. The artist designed and produced models for paintings and sculptures for the 200th year anniversary celebration of the United States Constitution and received official recognition from the Daughters of the American Revolution and Chief Justice Burger’s Bicentennial Commission.